Steeple Kids Childcare
Steeple Kids Childcare
Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Our Programs

Munchkin Room - Our staff aims to ensure that each child feels secure and loved in the Infant Room.  Its program is designed to be flexible and individual to each child.  Playtime takes a sensory approach including music and sounds, textures and messy materials, stories, pictures, toy play and movement activities.  We believe through nurturing interactions, encouragement and lots of love, the children will experience a warmth that is essential to their growth and development.


Young Toddlers and one-year olds begin to develop their motor and language skills as they socialize with their classmates.  They explore the world around them as staff facilitate their learning using a sensory approach.  Songs, puppets, art projects and outside time fill their day.


Our Jungle Room is a great place for our two-year olds to learn, explore and grow!  Our toddler days are filled with lots of hand-on learning experiences in a small group setting.  Activities introduce basic concepts, colors, shapes and experiences from within a child's world.  Opportunities for their growing independence and their self-help skills (including potty training) are important parts of the daily classroom schedule.


Our Bear and 1-2-3 Rooms are filled with preschool fun.  Circle time, art projects, math and science activities, outside play are all based around monthly themes.  See our preschool web page for more information about this program.