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Steeple Kids Childcare
Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Bucks County Resource Guide

Steeple Kids
Langhorne United Methodist Church

Dear Parents and Guardians,

        As you know, we are a community-based and community-supported organization. We work hard to give your children the best possible care and supervision we can.
        We are always in the process of improving and strengthening our programs, we find that the help of outside resources is beneficial as well. We currently have a list of agencies and organizations that we turn to when we see the need. You can view this list either by opening the attachment, going on our web site;,or stop by the office for a copy.
        We would like to request from our parent community suggestions of additional social service agencies and organizations that you feel we should collaborate with to increase our resource base. They can be places whose purpose is to broaden the horizons of our children and who have the best interests of our children who are ready to move beyond our program. For our children transitioning to Kindergarten, there are so many things to learn about their new world beyond Pre-School, that can not all be taught in the classroom. With the help of outside stakeholders, we can expose them to many more opportunities.
`Please feel free to make your suggestions through whatever method you find most convenient. The contact information can be found below.
        Thank you for your investment into our children’s future.


                                                Amy J. Rodda
                                                              Child Care Director
                                                              (215) 757-4981



Bucks County Resource Guide