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Steeple Kids Childcare
Friday, May 24, 2019
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Parent Handbook


Langhorne United Methodist Church
301 East Maple Avenue
Langhorne, Pa.19047
Phone (215) 757-4981
Fax (215) 757-4556
April 2018
Table of Contents
I.  Overview of Steeple Kids                   
A.   Mission Statement
B.   Enrollment
C.   Licensure
D.   Board of Directors
II.  General Information            
III. Health and Safety       
IV. About the Day          
V.  Tuition and Fees         
VI. Other Policies
VII. Additional Classroom Information
This Steeple Kids handbook is to be read by the parent(s) of all enrolled children attending the program at the time of enrollment and should be used as a resource throughout the year.
Steeple Kids is an outreach program of Langhorne United Methodist Church, designed to meet the needs of families in our community. We strive to provide a safe, loving, Christian environment that encourages children to learn about themselves and the world around them. Our goal is to provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences that foster creativity and problem solving as well as cognitive, social and motor skills. We believe learning is an active process of doing and experiencing and aim to guide our children on the path toward becoming successful and independent adults.
Enrollment at Steeple Kids is open to children from 8 weeks of age through Kindergarten. Enrollment shall be granted without regard to a child’s race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender or disability; and without regard to a parent or guardian’s race, color, creed, religion, age, national origin, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, marital status, disability and/or military status.
Steeple Kids Childcare, located in the Langhorne United Methodist Church, 301 East Maple Avenue Langhorne, Pennsylvania 19047, is a private, non-profit facility licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare to provide care for children from 8 weeks of age through 5 years. Our full day Kindergarten is licensed by the State Board of Academic Schools.
The Steeple Kids Board of Directors meets the third Tuesday of the month. The Director is the liaison between parents and the Board. Meetings with the Director can be arranged by appointment. Parental concerns may be submitted to the Board in writing, addressed to Steeple Kids Board, c/o Langhorne United Methodist Church.
This handbook may have amendments made to it at anytime by the Board of Directors. Any changes will be given to the parents in the way of an amendment form. 
Steeple Kids is open from Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Parents are required to provide the following documentation for their child’s file at Steeple Kids:
·         Registration Form            
·         Health Appraisal (to be updated yearly) needs to be by the child's 30th day of school
                                      birth thru 2nd birthday child needs an appraisal every 6 months        
·         Immunization Record (to be updated yearly or as new immunizations are given)
·         Emergency Contact (reviewed every 6 months)
·         Civil Rights Data Form
·         Compliance Form
·         Handling and Preventing Illness sign off form
·         Parent Handbook sign acknowledgement form
·         Fee Agreement (updated every 6 months)
·         Photo Release Form
·         Sunscreen Permission Form
* Health Appraisals must be completed and received by the child's 30th day of school.
New Year’s Day                       Labor Day
President’s Day (Staff In-Service)    Thanksgiving Day
Good Friday                           Friday after Thanksgiving
Memorial Day                         Christmas Eve
Independence Day*                    Christmas Day*
*If the holiday falls on Saturday, we will be closed on Friday. If holiday falls on Sunday we will be closed on Monday.                           
Steeple Kids will be closed during one week each summer during which Langhorne United Methodist Church hosts Vacation Bible School. This date will be announced to parents as soon as it becomes available. This is considered a tuition-free vacation week.
The entrance to Steeple Kids is behind the Langhorne United Methodist Church. Park your car in the parking lot in the designated parking spaces and walk your child to and from his/her classroom. The first five parking spots in the first  row are designated as parent parking. * Do not leave the motor running in your car when dropping off or picking up your child. Due to children’s activities, you must drive slowly through the parking lot at all times. NO child is to left in the car unattended.
For the safety of all the children, upon arrival at Steeple Kids the adult dropping the off MUST SIGN IN the child using the sign-in/sign-out sheets located in the child’s classroom. The adult must accompany the child to his/her classroom.  Children must be dropped off wearing clean clothing/diaper.  If the adult dropping off or picking up is unable to safely navigate the stairs to the second floor they may ask a staff member to bring their child to the first floor.  In order to get the most from our program and create the least disruption for our other children, all children should be dropped off no later than 9:00am.
Parents: Please enter the building with your child/children ONLY. Do not allow others to come in with you or hold the door for anyone you don’t know. This is for the safety of your child as well as the safety of everyone else in the building. Only parents should have the code to the door, everyone else dropping off or picking up children should ring the bell. Children should NOT be using the code.
Visitors: Please ring bell for entrance to the building. Steeple Kids Staff will open the door to let you in.
Parents are always welcome at Steeple Kids and may visit at any time. Let us know if you would like to share a favorite story or hobby with your child’s class.
Parents or other authorized adults must sign the child out of care on the sign-out sheet located in the child’s classroom. After you sign your child out, you are then responsible for supervising your child while on facility premises. Person picking up a child must be at least 18 years of age.
If for any reason, a person other than the parent will be picking up a child, you must provide written permission prior to release of the child. If this person is designated by you on the Emergency Contact Form, the staff still needs to know you give permission for your Emergency Contact Person to pick-up on a particular day. Forms are available in the office for parents to give such permission. A child may be released to a person not on the list upon faxed consent from the parent. At pick-up staff will check the photo identification of any person they do not personally know to ensure your child’s safety. Since staffing patterns may change from time to time, parents and all pick-up people should be prepared to show photo ID to any staff upon request. Again, this is for the safety of your child.
Parents should call the office if their child will not be in attendance on a scheduled day. Please do not text your child's teacher.  This will enable the center to maintain appropriate ratios and help the classroom teacher effectively plan for the day. Parents are to contact the school office of an absence, NOT the teacher.
If your child is ill, we request that you notify the center not only of absence, but also of the nature of the illness. This will help our staff keep track of any illness that may occur at school. If your child has a communicable disease, share the diagnosis with the Director, so that the parents of the children in the school may be notified that a communicable disease is present. Parents will receive an ECELS fact sheet about a communicable disease that is in the classroom.
Steeple Kids will make every attempt to remain open during inclement weather. However, in the event of an emergency closing, parents will be called by staff.  If Steeple Kids is closed due to inclement weather or other emergency closings, regular tuition is still due. Our expenses remain the same, regardless of student attendance. Steeple Kids is also registered with the KYW News radio Storm Center under Steeple Kids and NBC 10 as Langhorne United Methodist Preschool, please watch these for delayed openings.  If Neshaminy School District is closed (closing number 752), Steeple Kids will open at 7:30am unless our number is announced on KYW or NBC 10 as closed. If Neshaminy has a 2 hour delay, Steeple Kids will open at 7:30am unless conditions require Steeple Kids to open later.  Parents will be notified of any change in opening time.
KYW News - Steeple Kids
NBC 10 - Langhorne United Methodist Preschool
Once inside the building, a code is needed to enter the Education Wing. Families receive the code when registering. Please do not give the security code to anyone, even your child. If someone other than an immediate family member will be picking up, please ask them to ring the bell and a staff member will open the door. The door code will be changed at least twice a year.  Please do not allow the children to do the code.
First Aid Training is a requirement for all Steeple Kids staff members. Teachers will treat minor accidents, such as playground bumps and bruises. Parents will receive written notification of all incidents.
In the event of a medical emergency or serious accident, emergency personnel (911) will be contacted. The parent(s) will be notified by phone. A designated staff member will accompany the child to the hospital.
Purpose: To provide for the protection of children and staff in the event of a natural,
technological, or human imposed emergency or disaster and to assure coordination and cooperation with local, county and state governments and emergency services.
        Situation and Assumptions: Steeple Kids Child Care Center is located at 301 East Maple Avenue Langhorne, PA 19047 and normally has approximately 50-65 children and approximately 15 staff on the premises. Normal operating hours for the facility are 6:30am – 6:00pm Monday through Friday. The facility assumes responsibility for the health and safety of the children attending the facility. The facility is located in Langhorne Borough whose emergency management agency will be the primary source of governmental assistance during an emergency.
Assistance during emergencies will be dispatched through the Bucks County 9-1-1 and be coordinated by the Bucks County Emergency Management Agency.
The facility may be subject to the following natural disasters and emergencies:
·         Natural Disasters
·         Weather Related Disasters (storms, snow, flood, etc.)
·         Technological Disaster (Power Outage, Gas/Toxic Fumes, HAZMAT Spill, Loss of Utilities, etc.)
·         Security Emergencies or Disasters (Custody Disputes, pick up of a child by an adult who appears to be under the influence, pick up of a child by an unauthorized adult, workplace violence, etc.)
                                            **In the event that we need to evacuate the facility, we would go to the Wood School dorms (Beechwood) The school is located directly behind our big playground at 469 E. Maple Ave. Langhorne PA 19047.
State Regulations require that a current health appraisal and immunization record be submitted for every child upon enrollment no later than 30 days after child’s first day of school. Physical examinations and shot records must be updated annually for children over 2 years of age and every 6 mo. for children under 2 years of age. Well baby shots shall be documented after every immunization.  An updated immunization record must be turned in to the Assistant Director immediately following your doctor’s appointment.
The following is a list of the most common symptoms seen at Steeple Kids and the guidelines that are presented when a child is sick and in our care:
·         FEVER- Children who have a temperature of 101 degrees F or higher and who
are acting sick cannot be in school. Children may return to school when they are fever-free, without the use of fever reducing medication, for 24 hours. If your child is sent home from Steeple kids they may not return the next day.
·         DIARRHEA-  2 or more watery, loose stools, not contained in diaper or toilet. Children will be sent home when watery, loose stools, can not be contained in a diaper. If a child is sent home with diarrhea he/she may not come back to school the following day.  Children may return to school when stool frequency and consistency return to normal.  If toilet trained, the child must be accident free for one day before returning. Child may return to school when medication free for 24 hours.
·         VOMITING- More than twice in 24 hours. Child may return to school  24 hours after vomiting subsides and is medication free. If a child is sent home for vomiting he/she may not come back to school the following day.
·         COLDS- Child may attend school as long as he/she has no accompanying
fever, behavior changes or difficulty in breathing.
·         Pink Eye- Red/Pink eyes with itching and/or thick white or yellow discharge. Child may be excluded from school with visual symptoms or if the child is too uncomfortable to participate. Child may return to school 24 hours after treatment and when the child feels well enough to participate in classroom activities.
If a parent is called to pick up their child they must do so ASAP but within the hour.  If you can't make it here you should have a backup pickup person come.
For additional information regarding health issues, see the document “Handling and Preventing Illness at Steeple Kids.”
Steeple Kids prefers that medications be administered at home. However, when this is not possible, Steeple Kids Staff will administer medication with parental permission. Medicines must be in their original child-proof containers, labeled with the child’s name and all medications need to have a current expiration date. Parents must complete the Medicine Log, located in their child’s classroom, letting the teacher know the dosage. After administering the medication, teachers will note the time, amount of medicine given and their initials. Please hand all medications directly to a staff member to ensure safe storage.  A Steeple Kids Medication Form should be filled out by your doctor for long standing medications such as Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl and sunscreen.
ECELS, Early Childhood Education Linkage System of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, provides ongoing consultation to Steeple Kids in the areas of health and safety.
Toddlers are teething and exploring their environment by using all five of their senses. They may put everything in their mouth, which can lead them to bite many objects. Toddlers also do not usually differentiate between a person and a thing during this stage. Re-direction and/or a brief time-out will be used to help eliminate this behavior.
If a child bites another child while in our care, parents will be notified by an incident report. Parent/Teacher meetings may be held. In order to ensure the safety of all children and staff at Steeple Kids, the child who is biting could be suspended from the program for a period of time, at the discretion of the Director.  Re-admittance to the program may occur when it is felt that the child can control his/her biting behavior. An additional occurrence of biting could result in a longer period of suspension. In extreme cases, to ensure the safety of all children and staff, services could be terminated.  
Parent(s) of a child with special needs will be required to complete a “Special Care Plan” with the child’s physician and it will be reviewed by the Director. Every effort will be made to reasonably accommodate all children. No child will be excluded due to disability or special needs unless the program is unable to comply with the recommendation of the child’s “Special Care Plan.”
For the safety of your child, parents are required to provide a signed copy of the “Authorization For Emergency Care for Children with Severe Allergies” form, detailing any allergies, food or otherwise, from which their child suffers, at the time of enrollment or when the allergy is discovered. This form must be completely filled out by the child’s physician and parent(s) or legal guardian(s), and must be updated every six months, or more frequently, as needed. In addition to this form, parents must provide a copy of any additional physician’s orders and procedural guidelines relating to the prevention and treatment of the child’s allergy. This form can be obtained by request from the Director or Assistant Director. 
Parents must also execute a “Release and Waiver of Liability for Administering Emergency Treatment to Children with Severe Allergies” form. This form releases Steeple Kids from liability for administering treatment to children with severe allergies and taking other necessary actions set forth in the “Authorization for Emergency Care for Children with Severe Allergies” form, provided Steeple Kids’ exercises reasonable care in taking such actions.
Any medication required to treat an allergic reaction must be provided in accordance with the Medication Policy detailed herein.
In cases where the child is the subject of a court order (e.g., Custody Order, Restraining Order or Protection from Abuse Order), Steeple Kids must be provided with a Certified Copy of the most recent order and all amendments. In the absence of a court order on file at Steeple Kids, both parents shall be given equal access to their child. If a situation presents itself where one parent does not want the other parent to have access to their child, Steeple Kids suggests that the parent keep the child with them until a court order is
issued, since rights to retain your child are secondary to the other parent’s right to    immediate access.
Under the Child Protective Services Act, mandated reporters are required to report any suspicion of abuse or neglect to the appropriate authorities.  The employees of Steeple Kids are considered mandated reporters, under this law. The employees of Steeple Kids are not required to discuss their suspicions with parents prior to reporting the matter to the appropriate authorities, nor are they required to investigate the cause of any suspicious marks, behavior or condition prior to making a report. Under the Act, mandated reporters can be held criminally responsible if they fail to report suspected abuse or neglect. We at Steeple Kids take this responsibility very seriously and will make all warranted reports to the appropriate authorities.   The Child Protective Services Act is designed to protect the welfare and best interest of all children.
As mandated reporters, the staff of Steeple Kids can not be held liable for reports made to Child Protective Services which are determined to be unfounded, provided the report was made in “good faith.”
Causes for reporting suspected child abuse or neglect include, but are not limited to:
¨       Unusual bruising, marks, or cuts on the child’s body
¨       Severe verbal reprimands
¨       Improper clothing relating to size, cleanliness, season
¨       Transporting a child without appropriate child restraints (e.g. car seats, seat belts, etc.)
¨       Dropping off or picking up a child while under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol
¨       Not providing appropriate meals including a drink for your child
¨       Leaving a child unattended for any amount of time, including in the car
¨       Failure to attend to the special needs of a disabled child
¨       Sending a sick child to school over medicated to hide symptoms, which would typically require the child to be kept at home until symptoms subside.
¨       Children who exhibit behavior consistent with an abusive situation
-        Not having your child in a car seat
When the weather is nice, a lot of time is spent outdoors playing and doing activities. Please send in sunscreen for your child. A hat with a visor is also helpful.         Sunscreen forms need to be filled out and turned in to the office prior to your child having sunscreen applied. Please have your child's name on the sunscreen.
Please send your child in with sunscreen already applied in the morning. The staff will re-apply sunscreen in the afternoon for outdoor activities. Please have your name on the sunscreen.
Each child will have a cubby for his/her belongings. Please send in a full set of seasonal clothing for emergency use, including shirt, pants, underwear and socks, as well as an art smock or adult size T-shirt. Seasonal wear should also include swimsuits and towels in the summer and appropriate winter wear. Please check with your child’s teacher regarding specifics. Label all items with your child’s name.
Parents are responsible for bringing in diapers, wipes and ointment for their child. If diapers and/or wipes are not provided you will be charged $5.00 per day.
Morning and afternoon snacks are provided by Steeple Kids. Healthy, nutritious snacks are served and could include: crackers, pretzels, fruit, breakfast bars or cereal. Snack menus are posted monthly on the Parent Information Board in each classroom.
Please send in your child’s lunch and place it in his/her cubby.   
The following is a list of foods that are considered by the Academy of Pediatrics to be choking hazards to children under the age of four: hot dogs (whole or cut into rounds), raw carrot rounds, whole grapes, hard candy (including lollipops and jelly beans), nuts, popcorn, marshmallows, hard pretzels, chips and chunks of meat larger than can be swallowed whole. Please either cut items into appropriate sizes or do not send these items in. No popcorn is to be sent in at all.
Please check with your child’s teacher regarding ice packs or refrigeration in each classroom.
Microwaves are available in each classroom.
Please DO NOT send any glass containers or bottles.
Children will be encouraged to eat their lunch before any snacks or desserts.
Children requiring our staff to help with breakfast need to be in the classroom prior to 8:00am. Breakfast will not be served after 8:00am.
There will be an afternoon nap/rest time in each classroom. The time and length of this rest time is determined by the age of the child, with younger children generally resting earlier
and longer than older children. Please provide a crib sheet or other covering for your child’s rest mat, a blanket and a nylon laundry bag for storage. Infant room parents must provide a Pack-N-Play for their child. Bedding will be sent home at the end of every child’s week to be laundered and should be returned on the child’s first day back the following week.
This is a DPW regulation; all children must have a rest time if the building is open more than 5 hours a day.
Special activities, important notices, daily schedules and lesson plans can be found on the Parent Information Board located in every classroom. Please check your child’s cubby for VERY IMPORTANT messages.
In addition, parents of children in the Infants, Young Toddlers, Ones and Twos will be given a daily note which includes information about sleeping, eating and diapering/toileting. Dry Erase Boards are used by the one, two, three, four and Kindergarten teachers to highlight special activities.
With in 45 days of your child's start date or transition to another classroom, you will be contacted regarding a "Getting to Know You" meeting to review your child's progress in his/her new classroom.  Teacher are available for phone conferences between 1-3 pm.

As you know, we are a community-based and community-supported organization.  We work hard to give your children the best possible care and supervision we can.  We are always in the process of improving and strengthening our programs, we find that the help of outside resources in beneficial as well.  We currently have a list of agencies and organizations tht we turn to when we see the need.  You can view the Bucks County Resource Guide on our website:, or stop by the office for a copy.  We would like to request from our parent community suggestions of additional social service agencies and organizations that you feel we should collaborate with to increase our resource base.
The Director and Assistant Director are available Monday through Friday. Appointments are available upon request.
Steeple Kids utilizes a traditional school curriculum in conjunction with a full Christian curriculum. Age appropriate lesson plans are supplied by teachers on a weekly basis and parents are informed as stated above in communication. The following special activities are provided at no extra cost on a weekly basis and specific days are subject to change:
Creative Movement- Ages 2 through 5 years
Music- Ages 1 through 5 years
Bible- Ages 2 through 5 years
Library - Ages 3 through 5years
Other special activities include Back to School Social, Friday Special Lunches, Halloween parade, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Play, Week of the Young Child Celebration, Mother’s Day Breakfast, and Father’s Day Breakfast.
Steeple Kids has a summer adventure program that includes weekly themes and trips, such as: the beach, sports, animal and Sesame Street weeks, just to name a few.
H.   Parent/Teacher Conferences
Conferences are scheduled in October and a written evaluation of your child’s progress will be provided in March after the second conference.. Teachers are available throughout the year to discuss your concerns.
An initial registration fee of $60.00 per child plus $150.00 advanced security deposit which will be credited toward the last week of the child’s attendance, if we receive two weeks written notice of child’s last day. Children who are enrolled for the following school year, and you chosen not to send them, Steeple Kids must receive written notice of withdrawal by July 1st to have the security deposit refunded.  Deposit will be due at the time of enrollment for all new clients. On all new registrations, parents will be required to designate a start date.  All fall school year start dates must begin either on our "transition week" or Labor Day week.  Steeple Kids will not hold your child's placement if your child does not show up on the start date which was completed by the parent.  If a parent needs to change the start date, Steeple Kids will require prior to the original date, 2 weeks written notice of the new start date.  In the event of illness or holidays, there is no substitution of days. Parents must register and pay for the maximum number of days per week a child attends Steeple Kids. In an emergency situation and if space is available, extra days may be added at a cost of $60.00 per day or $35.00 for 1/2 day. Please contact the office to check for availability of extra days. Payment for extra days is due immediately upon approval.  If you don't use the day requested you will still be charged for that day.
Re-registration is defined as the process by which parents can guarantee a spot for their child for the next school year. A re-registration fee of $60.00 is due each spring (January) to re-register for the following school year(September-June).
Registration, Advanced Security Deposits, and Re-registration fees are non-refundable.
Parents may submit a written request for a long-term leave of absence (more than four consecutive weeks) for consideration by the Director. Two weeks written advanced notice must be provided. In order to retain your child’s placement, parents will pay half tuition for each week the child will be absent, prior to beginning the approved leave of absence.
Steeple Kids offers Tuition Express as our preferred payment option.   Tuition Express will automatically transfer your tuition payment from your checking/savings account to Steeple Kids and will be applied to your account.  Tuition Express payments are processed each Monday.  Tuition Express will transfer the amount that is owed on your account.  This would include tuition, registration fees, return check fees, extra day fees and late pick up fees.  Please contact the office to complete your Tuition Express registration.
If you do not sign up for Tuition Express, tuition is due the first day your child attends school each week, or by noon on Wednesday, and is to be put in the mailbox located on the wall outside of the Director’s office. Upon request, receipts can be issued for cash payments. If your child is absent from school, or during the weeks that include holidays, snow days, or days when Steeple Kids is closed, regular tuition is still due. Our expenses remain the same, regardless of student attendance. Please remember that tuition will be charged even if your child is absent from the center. Checks should be made payable to Steeple Kids Childcare.
·         If tuition is not paid by noon on Wednesday, parents will receive a letter stating that a $10.00 late fee has been applied to their account.
·         If tuition remains unpaid by noon on Wednesday of the next week, a $20.00 late fee will be applied to the account. All late fees and two weeks tuition must be paid by noon on Friday of that week in order for Steeple Kids to continue providing childcare.
·         Steeple Kids will only allow two second week late payments in any one year period, or the child will be dismissed from Steeple Kids.
·         Parents are responsible for any fees incurred during collection of unpaid tuition. 
          Parents are required to provide two week advance written notice and sign a new fee agreement two weeks proir to the requested change start date if they need to change their child's schedule during the school year. 
Families are entitled to one week of vacation time, Monday  - Friday week, with a payment of half tuition. During this week, the child will not attend Steeple Kids. Parents must provide a two week advanced written notice of their intent to use this vacation week. Vacation time is calculated from September 1st- August 31st. In addition, families will not be required to pay tuition during the week that Steeple Kids is closed for Bible School.
Families with two or more full-time children are entitled to receive a 10% discount on the tuition of the child of lower cost. Full-time is considered four or five full days per week.
Members of Langhorne United Methodist Church receive a 10% discount on tuition.**If tuition is late 2 times, then the discount will not be given until the account is paid up to date and remains current for at least 2 consecutive months.
Members of the Langhorne United Methodist Church receive a 10% discount on tuition. A member is defined as a person who has officially joined the church by attending membership classes or transferred their membership from another church and has been officially welcomed into the church. The Steeple Kids discount will begin after a member is active for 4 months. An active member is defined as a person who has upheld their commitment as a member of the church with their prayers, their presence, their gifts, and their tithes for at least 4 months and continues their service as a long standing, active member.
Steeple Kids hours of operation are from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  A late pick-up fee will be charged when children are picked up after 6:00 p.m. The fee is $25.00  per child for every 10 minutes after 6pm. (Example: 6:01-6:10=$25.00; 6:11-6:20=$50.00).  If the church bells are ringing you are late and it is after 6:00pm and you will be charged. If you are late picking your child up 3 times in a 6 month period the next late pick up charge will be $50.00 per every 10 minutes after 6pm.  Charges are per child.  If this is an on going issue we will ask that your child not return.
For half-day children pick up is required by 1:00pm. A $25.00 late fee will be charged for every half hour from 1pm until 2pm. Pick up after 2pm for half day children will result in a full day charge.
A fee of $30.00 will be charged for each check returned to us by your bank.
Personal checks will not be accepted after two returned checks.
If you need to  send your child an extra day, you must obtain approval from the office.  A $60.00 per day fee will be charged for extra days.  This fee is due at the time the request is made.  If we can not fill the request the fee will be returned to you.  Please obtain a form and complete with the date of the extra day requested and the parents signature.  This fee is NON - REFUNDABLE.  We will schedule our staff so payment will still be charged even if your plans change. 
Steeple Kids accepts funding through APPLE and DHS. The Bucks County Childcare Information Service (CCIS) will determine eligibility for childcare subsidy. Parents receiving subsidy must complete all required paperwork on time in order to continue to have their child enrolled at Steeple Kids. Additional information about subsidized childcare is available from the Director.
Due to the risk of damage, sharing issues, and loss, children are not permitted to bring in toys from home, unless specifically requested by the classroom teacher to use as part of the curriculum or for naptime. Parents are encouraged to consult the classroom teacher for specific guidelines for naptime toys. No toys from home on a daily basis.
Steeple Kids staff is not permitted to baby sit for any child currently enrolled at Steeple Kids Childcare. Steeple Kids staff are not to be on any social media with our current parents.
Caregivers will use positive guidance, redirection and the setting of clear limits that foster the child’s own ability to become self-disciplined. Your child will be encouraged to be fair, respect property and assume personal responsibility.
Children are encouraged to work out problems amongst themselves, with guidance from our teachers.  This helps children learn problem resolution.
When the behavior of a child necessitates the constant attention of staff, a brief “time-out” will be used. Staff/Parent communication at this time is most important.
Caregivers will intervene immediately when a child becomes physically aggressive to another child or staff member. Children will be shown positive coping strategies. Good behavior will be rewarded. Staff will use discipline that is consistent, clear and understandable to the child. Children are encouraged to work out problems amongst themselves, with limited help from the teachers. This helps them with their problem solving skills.
Continued disruptive or unsafe behavior could result in dismissal from the program.
Written notice to the office is required at least two weeks in advance of your child’s withdrawal in order to receive your security deposit back.  Security deposits for the next school will not be returned unless we receive your written notice that you will not be attending the following school year by July 1st. Steeple Kids reserves the right to dismiss a child at any time at the discretion of the Director. Some reasons for dismissal include but are not limited to the following:
·         Disruptive and/or unsafe behavior
·         Non-payment of fees
·         Unexplained absence from school for more than two weeks
·         Frequent late pick-ups
·         Inability on the part of Steeple Kids to meet the child’s
physical, emotional, social, intellectual or spiritual needs
VII. Classroom Information and Transition - 
     Classroom transition occurs during the last week in August.  Children will not be moved up to the next classroom during the school year.
Infants/Young Toddlers (Hippo Room):
     Parents must complete child history form and provide baby's schedule prior to starting.  Parents need to provide a Pack-n-play type crib, diapers & wipes, medication & ointments, formula with current expiration date/breast milk, enough bottles & nipples for each feeding, food items, water, and extra clothes/bibs.  In preparing to transition to the 1 year old room (fish room) each child will need to be able to drink from a sippy cup, eat table food/finger food, and sleep on a mat.  Crib sheets need to be taken home and washed weekly.
1's(Fish Room):
     Parents must complete a child history form prior to starting at Steeple Kids. Parents will provide 3 filled sippy cups daily, bedding for nap mat(crib sheet), extra clothes/bibs, diapers & wipes, and current medication & ointments.  Lunches must be pre-cut and ready to be served/heated.  Bedding must be taken home and washed weekly.  Potty training does not occur in the fish room.
2's (Giraffe Room):
     Parents must complete a child history form prior to starting at Steeple Kids.  Parents will provide 3 filled sippy cups daily, bedding for nap mat (crib sheet), extra clothes, diapers/pull-ups & wipes, and current medications & ointments.  Lunches must be pre-cut and ready to be served/heated.  Bedding must be taken home and washed weekly.  Potty training is completed along with the parents.  When potty training please send several full changes of clothes (including shoes).
3's(Bear Room) & 4's (123 Room):
     Parents must complete a child history form prior to starting at Steeple Kids.  Parents will provide bedding for nap mats(crib sheet), and pre-cut lunch with a drink. Bedding must be taken home weekly and washed.  
     When considering transition to the next room parents with children that have summer birthdays or parents who don't think that their child is ready for the next level may request to have their child stay in the same room the following year.  Our teachers vary their art projects and themes each year so your child will not be "doing the same thing".  This is an easy time to have your child add an additional year so they will be the oldest in there class in elementary school.  Please consider your child's maturity level when making these decisions.  If you are not sure about your child's readiness please ask your child's teacher or our director for there advice at re-registration in January.  
 Steeple Kids
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I have received the Steeple Kids Parent Handbook and have been given the opportunity to read and ask about the manual. I understand the policies and agree to abide by them.
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